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Mermaid In a Bottle

hello everyone,
Another CGBoots Challenge, For this challenge life in a bottle I went for a dramatic and sad story. Where a mermaid trapped in a bottle of glass, her only joy is her piano she plays it each time she is sad or she feels lonely.
the breakdown of the work: 90% for the work has been don with Blender 2.93.5. I started by creating the bottle and the environement inside of it.After that I started creating the base body of the mermaid with Mixamo Fuse. Then I export it to blender, where I have finals it by adding the little detaits and shaping it as a mermaid ( adding the tail, hair, textures..). The final result was rendered with Cycles 2K with 2500 samples. Time render 3hours and 31min.
Thank you for everythink I hope you like it.