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The Berber Women

A new challenge a new experience. The Folklore challenge from CGBoots challenge.
The Berber Woman in the fontaine inspired by the Berber folklore. which are the original people of the north Africa up today. Back in the history Berber Woman was in charge of bringing water from the fontaines. To help there Familys. which was one of the hardest task to do esapecialy durring the war. Today it become a tradition durring the celibrations as weddings. Where women dance with vase in there hands. To Honore and keep remembring how the value of berber women. The Berber Woman is a Mother, a Wife, a Sister and a Queen.
The break down of the work.
In this challenge I was short of time then I had to organise my self more then beffore. First I started creating the character using Mixamo Fuse to speed up little bit the process. Then I used Mixamo for Regging. After that I started working on the Vases and the Jewelry, Modeling & Texturing using Blender. Once are done I had to back to the character to finich the Dress to match as close as possible the traditional Berber dress and to finich with the a hair. For the hair I used the addon HairNet to help me create more realisting hair. There it come the time to build the environement. As I had a proper vision how I want it to be it was quite strat forward. I modeled the stone which it was the base of the Fontaine, where the water coming out from one of the vases. Then I posed the character to the right position holding the other vase to fil it up with the water. For the trees, the vigetations and the bird as I was short of time I had to use assets from BlenderKit & Free3D. Finaly the litghing, the composeting and Rendring using Cycles.
I hope you like it