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Fantasy Tavern

Hello everyone.
The Tavern Land is my concept for the new challenge the fantasy tavern. I created the tavern in a shape of a barrel. a cosy place where you can have a drink and chill.
As always before I started working I went onligne looking for insperation, until I have pictured in my mind what I want to do.
I started whith the tavern. After a few trys I finaly I managed to get it the way I want it (model & texture). Then I started whith the environement. For the environement the challange was more how to get the texture right. At the end, I managed to get it how I want it, then I started looking how and which details I have to add. it was a lot of modeling and ajusting. After a 2 or 3 details of adding the details, I finaly come to the rendring test and compositing, where I spended also quite a time untile I arrieved to the final one. Which I'm really so happy with it. Because it did come exactly how I pictured it in my mind.
I hope you like it